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Engaged in the business of buying and selling the String Bass.
Mine is a one man shop. I choose each instrument myself, and I am the only person doing the work in the shop. I stand behind my work absolutely. If you can find the time to visit, I will personally introduce you to my Basses.
Bruce Sexauer (that's me!) has been building fretted musical instruments since 1967. Since 1995 an ever increasing amount of attention has turned towards to the String Bass. A workshop and showroom located in Petaluma, California, offers quick turnaround on simple repairs and set up work. Typically, there a dozen or more basses ready for immediate purchase. These are mostly mid-range quality ($3000 to $6000), and are accurately set up, including a carefully fitted sound post and bridge, the fingerboard planed and scooped to tight tolerances, and state of the art action height appropriate to the intended use of each instrument. This work represents $250 to $800 of value added, and I believe you will find my concept and workmanship to be of the highest level. I also keep a carefully chosen selction of entry level basses as well as more advanced instruments.
If you are buying for a school, educate yourself here!.
If you are interested in Sexauer guitars and violins, here's the link: sexauerluthier.com
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