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Josef Budil
offered for sale by Bruce Sexauer at thestringbass.com
This is a one man bass made by a master luthier in the Czech Republic in 1991. I bought this bass in 1995 and imported it at the time, selling it shortly thereafter.  The first owner has passed, and I am selling this bass for his estate. You'll have to play the bass to know how wonderful it is. Words cannot do it justice. Aside from the full fundamental that a bass is required to have, this bass has a vibrancy in its tone that is as captivating as it is rare.  It is as though there is a burning ember in the middle of each note.

A product of the barely post-communist era, the instrument is appointed with similar hardware to any other CZ bass of its era; workman like and entirely adequate but also simple and unpretentious. It has a four piece top and a bit of ebony added where the back failed to be quite long enough, evidence of the austerity of the time. The voice and build ingrity of this light weight flat back reflect the mastery of its maker, Josef Budil.