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String Basses You Could Own!

offered by Bruce Sexauer's thestringbass.com

(December, 2020)

Unless noted, each of these basses has been set up by me personally. I have planed and polished the fingerboard to create exactly the relief I believe works best, and no bumps at all. I have carefully fit the sound post, and set the action low enough to play easily, yet high enough to sound clear. Most players who visit my shop are surprised by how well these basses work.  If your playing has evolved to where you know what specifications suit you best, I am most likely able to put your instrument right where you want it.   Bruce Sexauer

Here's some of the Inventory: (6 in stock!)
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Broken in (pre-owned)
1991 Budil
3/4 FlatBack
A Czech Master instrument I imported and sold in 1995. The original owner has passed away. This flat back bass is going to bring its new owner joy.This instrument was built by one man, in what was Bohemia, and in the tradition of the Bohemian flat back basses from the turn of the last century. It is about the same price as those antiques, but is better than most of them AND it has 100 years less wear and tear.  This bass is consigned by the estate. $9500
1930ish German 4/4 fully carved
This consignment bass came from an estate. It is of the highest quality and in playedbut well cared for condition. 44" strings, no cracks, repaired or otherwise! As balanced as a good 3/4 bass, but noticeably more powerful in all registers.  $12,000

I have two basses in need of work that  a hobby woodworker could enjoy bringing back to life.

One is allegedly the original bass from the Sons of the Pioneers, Roy Rogers band in the '30's. It is a solid wood flatback, and I have done 30 hours work fixing cracks and the like before I lost interest.  Make an offer.

The other is a laminated Eastman Strings bass, about ten years oln, and it has the back halfway loose. I simply no longer have interest, and someone could bring it back in a few hours of glueing and clamping. I originally sold it for $1800, including ebony fingerboard , strings, and bag. Yours for half that.

Christopher's Workshop
New DB-401

Carved top and solid wood flat back, I have sold many of these over the years and consider tham the best bang for the buck in the new bass market. Comes with a premium bag and strung with Thomastik medium tension Spirocore strings. Like all my Christopher basses over the years, it has German made tuners and an upgraded end pin. $4200
New DB-85

Laminated entry level  bass, but not a cheap "corner cut facsimile" of a bass. This insrument is warranteed, and has an excellent ebony fingerboard. It is strung with Thomastik Spirocores, a premium string, and has German made tuning machines. Not just great for students, though it will last their lifetimw if cared for, but also a great choice for Bluegrass or Rockabilly as it will survive outdoor playing and travel in the back of a pick-up truck better than my other offerings. Includes a premium bag. $2050

BOWs etc.
I have a number of bows on hand. They are priced about half between my cost and suggested retail. If you buy a bow in the same transaction as a bass, I will give it to you for my actual cost plus 10%.
Dalton Dillingham
These are consigned and the prices are rigid.
I had four bows from The Dillingham (rip) estate. All are pernambuco and "French" style. list are what I have now:
(1)  plain jane $450

(2)  Antique Baroqueish that has been broken and repaired but is a genuine 1700's bow $1500