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String Basses You Could Own!

offered by Bruce Sexauer's thestringbass.com

(April, 2014)

Unless noted, each of these basses has been set up by me personally. I have planed and polished the fingerboard to create exactly the relief I believe works best, and no bumps at all. I have carefully fit the sound post, and set the action low enough to play easily, yet high enough to sound clear. Most players who visit my shop are surprised by how well these basses work.  If your playing has evolved to where you know what specifications suit you best, I am most likely able to put your instrument right where you want it.   Bruce Sexauer

Here's some of the Inventory: (14 in stock!)
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Broken in (pre-owned)
Mel Graves' Bows
1 great German bow, there were two, but now I have only the H R Pfretzschner.$3000. In person only, please.
More Bows

I have plenty of bows from $80 to $450, Brazilwood, Pernambuco, and Carbon. If you want one at the same time as you buy a bass, I'll give you my actual cost plus 10% !
Eastman #200

Another bass I sold years ago and have taken back in trade when the customer found another bass here he had to have instead. Currently strung with Pirastro Evah Pirazi for pizzicato or arco: $3500
3/4- Flatback (European)

That 3/4 "minus", as the body is an inch shorter than typical, and the strings are 40.5" , which is also a hair shorter than standard. Thisis a very satisfying player, terrificly balanced with a very full low end and a beautiful melody voice as well. I recently put a fingerboard on her, and she plays like downtown! No cracks unless you count the back center seam, which is open as it is on virtually all flatbacks that have been around for a year or more. $5600
Andeas Morelli Mid 1950's 3/4

If you are looking for a contender, don't pass this opportunity. This bass makes my hair stand on end.  $17K

Emanuel Wilfer OHG
Wilfer (2012)
Modell Venezia

I am pleased to have opened a relationship with  Emanuel Wilfer OHG, perhaps Germany's best known long standing maker of String Basses, and here I have my first example of their work. This is their entry level bass, with the addition of Violin corners. Of their 2 standard string lengths, this is the shorter. This bass features their workshop set up which is quite good IMO, and is optimized for Arco playing using Pirastro Flexocore strings. $8800 with a very nice bag.

Wujang Hong Yu:


This bass is spectacular. Fantastic wood throughout, The best tuners I've seen come out of China, absolutely up to Rubner standards, and very cleverly designed. The Ebony in the fingerboard is as good as it gets being jet black and I could plane it in both directions everywhere w/o tear-out. But the real point is the tonal envelope, which you have to hear to know what I mean, it is magical. $6100 w/bag

Eastman Strings:
Eastman VB-80BT
My least expensive offering, a fully laminated instrument with a very good Ebony fingerboard. It plays as well as anything I have, and is a fine place to start down the bass path. There are cheaper instruments in the world, but along with most of my peers, I won't be a party to your wasting your money on them.  $1600 w/bag.  2 in stock

Christopher's Workshop
Gofriller 7/8

Big bass, big sound, medium price at (special) $4800. All solid wood and fully carved, yet amazinigly light, a good thing IMO.
Xuechang Sun
X Sun "Quenoil"

Similar to the basses below except the the upper bout is narrower and slightly less deep. This is a terrific asset for those of us who play the bass but are of smaller stature. The inch or so smaller reach make a surprising difference, and the tone suffers in no way that I can preceive. I used a higher grade of tuning machine on this bass than standard, upgraded the endpin, and used Tomastic Spirocore Medium tension strings. $5600 inc/Bag
Xuechang Sun
Third Tier 3/4

Here is a more sophisticated rendition of the bass above. Extremely similar is every way but more refined. Smoother carving but similarly perfect attention to detail. The biggest difference is found in the playing/sound, not the words that describe it, although I did put on top of the line Rubner machine tuners with Ebony string pins. $6500 including the great bag.

Here's a video of my customer Gary Brown playing his X. Sun  Bass. It's the entry level 401 model!

Century Hybrid

My current choice for the ideal enrty level bass. Laminated sides with a solid top, decent tuners and a good ebony fingerboard, this bass is totally worth the modest premium over a fully laminated bass as it actually has tone in addition to volume. If you're going to use a bow, just forget about anything less. $2400 inc. the great bag