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String Basses You Could Own!

offered by Bruce Sexauer's thestringbass.com

(May, 2018)

Unless noted, each of these basses has been set up by me personally. I have planed and polished the fingerboard to create exactly the relief I believe works best, and no bumps at all. I have carefully fit the sound post, and set the action low enough to play easily, yet high enough to sound clear. Most players who visit my shop are surprised by how well these basses work.  If your playing has evolved to where you know what specifications suit you best, I am most likely able to put your instrument right where you want it.   Bruce Sexauer

Here's some of the Inventory: (9 in stock!)
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Broken in (pre-owned)
1991 Budil
3/4 FlatBack
A Czech Master instrument I imported and sold in 1995. The original owner has passed away. This flat back bass is going to bring its new owner joy. $9500
1930ish German 4/4 fully carved
This consignment bass came from an estate. It is of the highest quality and in worn but well cared for condition. 44" strings, no cracks, repaired or otherwise! $10500
Shen 3/4

Entry level, fully  laminated, Ebony fingerboard,  nearly perfect condition. w/bag. Taken as trade.  $1400
Unknown 3/4
20 years old, solid wood, probably Chinese.
Traded in recently, this solid bass is a steal for a serious player on a budget. Particularly if you are headed in the orchestral direction, a solid wood bass in a must. $3500

Dalton Dillingham Estate
late 1600's Converted Viol d'Gamba?
Pictures of the Old Bass
Genuinely old bass! Flatsawn pine top plate. Converted to 4 strings from 3 in the 1600's. Dalton told me these things, and he believed this bass to be worth $100K.  I do not have another bass that sounds as good as this one, though the 4/4 approaches it.  $22,000

Eastman Strings:

Christopher's Workshop
I have a Gamba and an "antiqued" Busetto, currently.
This is Christopher's top laminated model. Aside from having very nice veneers on the viewing sirface, the top of this bass, unique in the industry AFAIK, is made from Spruce laminates instead of hardwoods. For far less than  a hybrid solid top bass, this model sounds very full. $2200/$2400 w/bag
New Model, I have 2!
All laminated entry level bass with Bag'n'bow. Still has (or will have)  my set-up which is why mine are the basses for you. I have been selling Christopher's Workshop for over 20 years, and they will not let you down.  $1800 w/bag
Xuechang Sun
Xuechang Sun
Third Tier 3/4

Made by China's well acknowledged top maker, this bass is extremely good in my opinion, as have been nearly all of the previous two dozen basses I have had from this maker. The basses are supplied at 5 levels; 1 is plain fully carved maple, 2 is mildly flamed fully carved maple, 3 is highly flamed fully carved maple4 is made by fewer people and has greater attention to perfection, and 5 is allegedly made by the shop master himselfI have sold all levels, and while each is better that the one before (as we'd hope), level 1 is still better than almost any other Chinese bass I've owned.  This bass is level 3. $7200 including the great bag.

Here's a video of my customer Gary Brown playing his X. Sun  Bass. It's the entry level 401 model!

BOWs etc.
I have a number of bows on hand. They are priced about half between my cost and suggested retail. If you buy a bow in the same transaction as a bass, I will give it to you for my actual cost plus 10%.
Dalton Dillingham
These are consigned and the prices are rigid.
I have four bows from The Dillingham (rip) estate. All are pernambuco and "French" style:

(1)  plain jane $450

(2)  Antique Baroqueish that has been broken and repaired but is a genuine 1700's bow $1500