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4/4 German fully carved
No label, +/-1930
I bought this bass from the daughter of the deceased owner. It has been some time since his passing, and we are left with little knowledge of the bass's history beyond what we see. It came in with gut strings and I have done my set up magic including a set of Thomastic Sprocore Orchestra strings which will tell you what you need to know about the basses ability, which is considerable. The price includes your preferred string, should it be another.  $10,500 including a rough bag.

Body length - 46"  lower bout - 26"  upper bout- 19 1/2" body depth - 8 1/2" string length - 44" (1100mm) bridge height - 6.7"


Worst flaw; a missing corner:


This bass is long. Here it is next to a 7/8 Gofriller followed by a Wilfer 3/4: